Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table Review

Teeter EP-960The Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 inversion table is a new and improved version of the EP-950, which was the flagship product in Teeter’s line for a long time. Outfitted with Teeter’s new ComforTrak bed and a few subtle but important improvements, this is a worthy upgrade and a wonderful inversion table. Read our full review below to see what this table has to offer you.


We’ll look at the basic features first before discussing the significant differences between the EP-960 and the previous model.

The EP-960 has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and supports a user height of between 4’8″ and 6’6″. The inversion angle is controlled with the EZ Angle Tether strap, which removes any guessing from setting your inversion angles. You can choose a preset rotation of 20, 40 or 60 degrees, as well as a full inversion.

For added body control there are built-in stretch handles on the frame. You can use these to aid stretching and decompression. They also offer useful support for the novice inverter to get through those awkward first few inversions without too many wide-eyed moments.

A ratchet ankle-lock system very similar to that of the EP-950 has been retained, making the locking system easy to reach and easy to unlock by providing an extended lever. Yes, no more painful bending to get your ankles locked in.

Finally, you get a 5-year warranty and Teeter’s UL certified safety and construction quality.

Significant Improvements

The first and most obvious difference between the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 and the EP-950 is the new ComforTrak bed. The slotted design of the bed allows the use of specialty accessories like acupressure nodes and a lumbar bridge, which can be bought separately. You can position the nodes virtually anywhere on the bed, while the lumbar bridge can also be positioned to perfectly support your lower back.

An adjustable pillow is part of the bed, but can be removed. At the top are three slots that you can grab hold of while inverted to assist you with stretching and twisting. The low friction design of the bed makes movement easy. This is by far the most innovative and versatile inversion bed on the market.

Another instantly visible improvement is the longer side handles, which now extend almost halfway down the legs of the product. This makes them easy to reach for an assisted return from an inverted position.


As usual, Teeter has included both a manual for the assembly as well as a DVD. The DVD steps you through the assembly and first use of the product. Watch the DVD in full before assembling and you’ll find it a lot easier once you have an overview of how everything sticks together. We always advise people to use a proper socket wrench as well instead of the included tool. You’ll get the job done faster and better that way.

One person assembly is possible, but some parts are easier with a little help, especially when it comes to attaching the table to the a-frame. The assembly takes some time, but it is not hard or confusing.

Using the Table

As with any inversion table, getting the perfect position will take a bit of trial and error. Thankfully the easily adjustable height settings and great ratchet ankle-clamps make it easier than most with the EP-960.

Set your strap for a 20 degree inversion and make sure you feel comfortable and balanced before using deeper inversions. What you’ll feel right from the start is just how smoothly the EP-960 operates. You don’t feel unsafe on this machine. The fact that you can also do inverted exercises on this table is a testament to just how sturdy it is.

The ankle system is quite comfortable, although it is a good idea to wear shoes for added comfort. Keep in mind that if you’re new to inversion the pressure on your ankles may take a bit of getting used to. Don’t be alarmed if the pressure is slightly uncomfortable at first. Use low inversion angles to get used to it.

The bed offers very little friction and allows you to move around freely. Stretching is easy with the stretch slots in the bed as well as the stretch handles on the frame. You can also grab onto the deliberately bent floor bar for additional assistance.

You know you have perfectly balanced your position when you can control inversion simply by lifting or lowering one arm.

Teeter EP-960 Features


Folding the EP-960 is fairly easy. At 73 lbs it is not the easiest machine to move around, but you can tuck it into a corner or against a wall to get it out of the way if necessary.


With the EP-960 Teeter Hang Ups has improved and expanded on the functionality of the previous model. Here are some results from actual users of the product:

“Back issues have all but disappeared after using 3 or 4 times a week for the past 8 weeks. Wish I had purchased one sooner.” Sherry Johnson, Amazon.com Verified Purchase

“The whole family uses this everyday for 5 minutes. We haven’t been to the Chiropractor since. This table works! I was a skeptic until I tried it, now I wouldn’t give it up.” Alan G, Amazon.com Verified Purchase

“I’m a 55 yr old woman who is as active as most 25 year olds. I do a lot of yard work in a bent over position; and there are days when I can barely straighten up. Now, after a day of yard work, I use my table for about 10 minutes. When I get off, I feel like a new person.” Linda Guyder, Amazon.com Verified Purchase

Customer Reviews

We are very impressed with this inversion table. Let’s see what other users think of the product:

“I love my EP-960. There is no comparison to my 960 when I think of my last inversion table. This is a massive upgrade in all facets.” Trevor Yakima, WA

“I would highly recommend the 960. Very easy to set up and the extended lever to lock your legs in has been a real benefit as not to bend over to lock and unlock. The bed is more comfortable than I thought it would be and the floor bar is great to grab onto when your inverted. Now I know why the reviews are so positive.” Joan, Amazon.com Verified Purchase

Where to Buy

For heavy equipment, always shop where you get free shipping. We’ve found that Amazon.com has the best price most of the time, and their shipping and service are fast and efficient.


The Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 features some worthy improvements over the EP-950, and you’ll get them for roughly the same price. The additional extras that the EP-960 can be enhanced with (lumbar bridge, acupressure nodes) are not necessary, but it’s good to have the option to add them.

There’s really nothing bad to say about this product. Teeter is hands down the best inversion table manufacturer out there, and this is their most versatile and complete inversion table yet. It will give you many years of smooth, comfortable and safe inversion.


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Ratchet ankle clamps with lever
  • Handy instructional DVD
  • Easy assembly
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy foldup and storage
  • Build quality
  • Accessory-ready bed
  • Supports inverted exercises


  • Ankle clamps not 100% comfortable

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