Ironman Inversion Table Review

IronmanIronman is one of the most popular inversion table brands on the market. Manufactured by Paradigm Health and Wellness, their products have a reputation for sturdy construction and durability, while boasting very competitive pricing for the quality on offer.

Inversion therapy has proven to be an effective way of relieving lower back pain, and inversion tables like those provided by Ironman make it easy for you to do this in the comfort of your own home.

There is quite a range of tables to choose from. To help you make a decision, we’ll provide a short summary of the most popular Ironman inversion tables.

Ironman LX300

ironman-lx300-inversion-tableThe LX300 is a fairly basic inversion table, and also the cheapest of the models we’ll introduce to you here. Don’t be fooled by the low price though. This is a sturdy and well-built product. It features a strong 1.5 inch steel frame, and the powder coated finish is extremely scratch resistant.

Comfort is very important in inversion tables, and Ironman didn’t overlook that aspect in the LX300. The foam nylon covered backrest provides plenty of comfort, and a soft foam roller combined with ankle cushions help your ankles to stay in place without any discomfort. The provided easy pull pin release on the ankle holders helps you to release them without any hassle.

The product can do a full 90 degree inversion, but features an adjustable tether strap which enables different inverting angles. A hefty 275-pound weight capacity means that even large people can use the product. This Ironman inversion table also gives you extra long safety handles that will help you to easily return to an upright position again.

This is a great little inversion table for anyone on a tight budget, and measures 57 x 27 x 46.4 inches, with a weight of 55 pounds.

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Ironman Gravity 1000

ironman-gravity-1000-inversion-tableThis is another great inversion table from Ironman to help relieve back stress or improve circulation. It is the lightest of the Ironman inversion tables, compact and perfect for home.

Once again, we have a steel frame construction (tubular steel) and the familiar powder coated anti-scratch finish, which will help keep your equipment looking great for longer. The frame supports a weight of up to 300 pounds.

The backrest is covered with tough nylon, which is both durable and comfortable. To improve safety and stability you have strong rubber floor stabilizers which will prevent the table from skidding or moving on smooth surfaces. The table can invert up to 90 degrees.

The ergonomically molded ankle cushions (using a spring-loaded mechanism) keep your feet safely in place, while reducing discomfort. The table features a very easy inversion system. Simply use the tether straps to the desired angle, and then just stretch your arms out over your head. The inversion will take place by itself from there.

Extra-long safety handles are always handy, and the Gravity 1000 features a pair of them. This makes it easy to return to an upright position again. The frame is height adjustable up to 6 feet and 6 inches.

The unit measures 25 by 62 by 49 inches, while weighing a manageable 46 pounds. It folds up for easy storage.

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Ironman Gravity 4000

The big difference between the Gravity 4000 and the 1000 is that the 4000 offers you lumbar support thanks to a removable lumbar pillow. This helps relieve pressure on your ligaments and discs in your vertebrae. It also features extra padding and more advanced ankle holders. In addition to this the table offers all the health benefits you’d expect.

This is a considerably heavier unit than the other inversion tables in the Gravity series. It weighs in at 82 pounds, largely due to its heavy duty steel construction. The inversion system is the same as the other Gravity units. You simply lock yourself in, extend your arms and let gravity take its course.

The ergonomically molded ankle cushions negate the need for any additional tools, like gravity boots, to keep you in position. It uses a palm-activated ratchet ankle locking system.

The maximum inversion angle is 90 degrees, also controlled by tether straps. This being a much heavier and sturdier unit than the 1000, the weight capacity on it is, not surprisingly, a hefty 350 pounds, with a height adjustment of 6 feet and 6 inches.

Again, non-skid rubber stabilizers keep the table firmly in place and stable while you’re doing your inversions. For extra comfort you have a vinyl covered foam backrest featuring memory foam to better accommodate your shape. The unit is capable of a compact fold up to make storage easier, and measures 26 by 65 by 49 inches.

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Final Comments

You can’t go too far wrong with an Ironman inversion table. They have models in all price ranges, and the units are well constructed and built to last. With pricing starting around just $120 for the very accomplished LX300 model, these inversion tables are worth your time and attention and have an excellent reputation among buyers. Ironman proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent inversion table.

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