Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table Review

Ironman Gravity 4000The Ironman Gravity 4000 is arguably the most affordable inversion table in its class available right now. Despite its low price it is comfortable and solidly constructed, with some nice touches which make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look.


The Ironman Gravity 4000 should take between 30 and 60 minutes to assemble. Assembly is easy and logical thanks in a large part to the excellent included instructions.

Using the Table

The Gravity 4000 is built for comfort. The heavy duty backrest is covered with strong nylon and memory-foam padding. This makes it extremely comfortable to use. There’s a removable lumbar pillow for additional lumbar support.

What we hate about most inversion tables is the hassle it is to get your feet tied down. Often you have to bend over really low to clamp your ankles, and with a sore back that’s just a pain you can do without.

The Ironman Gravity 4000 features an extra long handle on the foot clamp, making it that much more comfortable for you to secure your ankles. The palm-activated adjusting ratchet ankle-locking system present here works extremely well, with little to no discomfort even when you are barefoot.

The table transitions very smoothly from inverted to upright using simple gravity. The extra long handles make it easy to control your inversion and to get back upright again. All you need to do to start the inversion once you’re positioned is to stretch your arms over your head. It’s simple and effective.

One thing to note about this unit is that it is heavy (75 – 82 pounds). Moving it around on a resistant surface like a carpet can be difficult.

The Gravity 4000 supports a load weight of up to 350lbs, although it feels sturdy enough to handle even more than that. The total inversion angle amounts to 90 degrees, and it has a tether strap system for locking inversion angles.

The strap works fine, but when the angle frequently needs adjusting (when more than one person uses the machine for example) it can become a little tedious to reset it all the time and find your previous angle when it’s your turn again. This is just a minor blemish on an otherwise well designed piece of equipment. We were hoping for something a little more advanced on this higher end model though.

The Gravity 4000 vs Gravity 1000

Ironman Inversion TableThe 1000 is also a very popular inversion table, so we thought we’d point out the main advantages you’ll get with the more expensive 4000:

  • 350lbs maximum load instead of 300lbs
  • a foam-padded backrest with a removable lumbar pillow
  • a patented palm-activated ratchet ankle-locking system
  • heavy duty table
  • 3 starting inversion angles

The extra comfort that the 4000 offers may well make it worth the extra investment in the long run.

User Results with the Ironman Gravity 4000

While some experts are still in two minds about the actual effectiveness of inversion tables, real world results speak harder than anything a guy in a lab coat tries to tell you. People get real results with the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table. Here are just a few excerpts from the many encouraging success stories we gathered from verified purchasers of the product:

“My husband is suffering from a herniated disc and nerve problems in his thoracic spine. His doctor and chiropractor recommended an inversion table. I started comparing and we ended up purchasing this one. He loves it. He is so happy with it that he told his parents and they bought the exact same one. They are pleased as well.” Shell, Amazon

“I consulted my doctor and he wanted me to try out an inversion table for a month to see if we could avoid any more serious procedures to remedy my back pain. Using this thing was like flipping a switch. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, once or twice a day for about 2 minutes. I have had little to no back pain since using it. I feel like I can get back to normal everyday life.” Lucca, Amazon

“My wife has back problems and has had to go in for physical therapy to function. She now uses the Inversion table and no longer has to go. The copay on each session was $30 so this paid for itself within just a couple weeks. I also have back issues that make it hard for me to sleep occasionally. I haven’t had those issue since using the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table.” Daniel Ulstrom, Amazon

Customer Reviews

So, we’ve established that people get real results using the Gravity 4000. However, what do they think of the rest of it in terms of assembly, construction and the feeling of using it. Again, we had a look around shopping site online to see what verified purchasers of the product thought.

“This is a very sturdy table – easy to assemble – easy to use. Doesn’t have some of the delicate balance that a lighter weight table that I tried had, but the sturdiness of the product makes up for it. I’m 210 and it holds me with no problem at all. The foot clamp method is very good.” Bill Howard, Amazon

“I especially appreciate the memory foam backboard. It is the most comfortable design I have found, including many more expensive brands that offer padding at additional cost. The frame is rated at 350 lbs. and 6′ 9″ height, but I suspect it will handle more than that weight. The height is easy to set and has a simple but secure spring loaded pin and locking knob. All the padding is of high quality. There are included triangular covers for the hinged stand but I prefer not to use these. This unit is heavier than most movable inversion tables so some people might need some help if needing to store it between uses. The instructions for assembly and use are good.” Primie Customer, Amazon

“Ironman makes a very good inversion table. For less than half the price of the Teeter, the Ironman table seems like the logical choice. Actually, I have no real regrets about buying either table, but Ironman definitely gives you more for your money.” M. Love,

Where to Buy the Product

The Ironman Gravity 4000 should be available in major fitness stores. For a hassle-free online purchase at the best price, complete with free shipping, you can buy it at


The Gravity 4000 is an excellent inversion table. It feels sturdy and safe, is extremely comfortable and has a few deft touches that shows the designers really has a grip on the difficulties people who use this equipment has.

The product maintains a very impressive 4.7 out of 5 star average rating across the major online shopping sites. You won’t find a better inversion table at this price.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable memory foam and lumbar pillow
  • Long handle makes it easy to secure ankles
  • Long handles for easy inversion control


  • The unit is heavy, hard to move and not portable
  • Tether strap for inversion angle adjustment could have been easier to reset
  • Limited foldup, not easy to store

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