Inversion Table FAQs

How Long Should I Hang from My Inversion Table?

Beginners should start by inverting for 1-2 minutes a day for the first week or two until they are comfortable, after which they can begin to work up to longer periods of time. Once acclimated, most people will invert from 5 to 15 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

Also consider adjusting the angle of your table as a beginner, so you are not hanging completely upside down. Some people may find inverting at a reduced angle more comfortable when starting out.

IMPORTANT: Always consult with a licensed physician before using an inversion table. Some medical conditions may not be suitable for use with an inversion table.


What Is the Best Inversion Table for Short People?

While most inversion tables claim to accommodate people with heights starting at 4’10”, the Teeter EP-560 and EP-960 have a starting height of 4’8″.

So by a very slim margin, we would say the Teeter models are the best inversion tables for short people.