Elite Fitness Inversion Table Review

Elite Fitness/Innova Inversion TableThe Elite Fitness inversion table (now known as Innova Health and Fitness, model IT9250) is a cheap and basic entry-level model coming in at just over $100. There is a lot of competition on this price segment, so this unit will have to deliver something special to beat the competition. Let’s take a closer look.


The Elite Fitness is not quite the most basic table we’ve seen. It features a breathable fabric pad, which can reduce uncomfortable sweating on exposed skin while inverting. There’s a removable pillow at the top to help support your head.

The table can handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds, and a maximum user height of 6’4″, and has a built-in height adjustment selector. An extended set of handles will help you get out of high inversion angles more easily. A 4-point pod-style base keeps the unit stable. Inversion is controlled by a 3-point adjustable safety bar at the back of the product.

Ankle System

As with most models in this price range, the ankle lock system is a simple foam padded roller setup. We know by now this is not the most comfortable setup around, but it can also easily be custom padded for extra comfort using towels or similar padding.

So, apart from the mesh fabric on the bench this is a dead standard looking inversion table, par for the course at this price range.


Assembly of this Elite Fitness inversion table is no more difficult or easy than that of the average inversion table. You get a set of instructions which can always be better, but with the help of pictures and numbered parts you should be able to have a working inversion table in about an hour. Quite a few customers have reported missing bolts or other pieces, but hopefully this is just isolated cases and not consistent negligence in the part of the manufacturer.

The included tools are not really up to the task, so use your own socket wrenches to properly assemble the unit.

Using the Table

The height is quite easy to adjust on this table. The pillow at the top of the bench will not suit everyone, and if you have neck issues in particular you may wish to remove it. The bench itself with the breathable mesh molds to your body, and is not as rigid as a padded backrest would have been. Unfortunately the metal bar behind the bench around the lower back area can push against you through the mesh and cause mild discomfort.

The safety bar which controls your inversion angles works well in the respect that it allows precision adjusting, even if it only allows three angles. With the tether straps usually found on inversion tables it can be hard to get the exact angle you used before, but this bar makes it easy if you can live with the slight limitation on the number of angles you can use.

The ankle clamps are a little stiff and not so easy to adjust. Once locked in, they’re about as comfortable as you can expect from a roller system. In other words, wear shoes or prepare for discomfort. They do the trick, and are about on par with other products in this price range.

The table feels okay. It is not the sturdiest you’ll ever come across, but you’ll feel quite safe on it. We wouldn’t recommend pushing past the 250 pounds weight limit though.

Some users have a hard time balancing the table properly, but fortunately the padded foam handles can help you can out of inversion if you cannot achieve a perfect enough balance to just use arm motions.


As for storage, the table folds up quite well and can be stored in a closet or in a corner. It may even fit under some beds, so that’s a big plus. At around 50 pounds it is not all that difficult to move around, depending on the condition you’re in.


Even cheaper inversion tables like these can provide beneficial results. Here are a few examples of customer experiences with the Elite Fitness inversion table.

“I have had a back problem for about a year. This was the answer. I use it a least once a day and my back is feeling much better.” Runray, SportsAuthority.com

“The first time I laid back on this table, I heard a pop in my back and back went back into line and sciatica pains disappeared… I have a herniated disc L4 L5 and between Physical therapy Glucosamine Chondroitin Flexeril and an occasional painkiller. I am avoiding surgery and or cortisone shots into spine. I really believe this makes a difference in my overall back health.” Mark K, Amazon.com

Customer Reviews

Let’s see what users of this table have to say about it.

“This one is not super easy to put together, but not very difficult either (took me a about an hour). The ankle clamps/pads are not easy to adjust but it is doable with a little force… WD-40 might help, haven’t tried it yet. I just keep the ankle pads in the same position and slide my feet in the side.
Very comfortable for a machine that hangs you upside down by your ankles. The head rest is nice and the handles are convenient.” K. Rybarczyk, Amazon.com

“I ordered the Elite Fitness table last week because it had a very fair price and great reviews. It was delivered fast and was fairly easy to put together (using our own tools). It is very stable and well balanced. I love using it! There are 3 settings to control how far you invert. The top setting for beginners is perfect. I am already feeling relief after using it for just 2 nights. The foot holds are pretty comfortable when I followed directions and wore laced athletic shoes. Barefoot is not recommended and was a little painful.” J. Flowers, Amazon.com

Where to Buy

We highly recommend Amazon.com for buying these machines, as they offer free shipping and a great price.


The Elite Fitness inversion table (or Innova IT9250) is a decent inversion table in this price range. It is somehow a little less polished than similar models from Ironman and Body Champ though. There is nothing special or innovative about it, the mesh bench could have done with a little more support and the safety bar inversion control system is accurate but slightly limiting.

Overall, a decent inversion table, but nothing exciting. Consider the Ironman LX300 as an alternative.


  • Price
  • Feels sturdy
  • Folds up well
  • Accurate inversion angle safety bar


  • Ankle holds not very comfortable
  • Bench needs more padding
  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Safety bar limits amount of inversion angles

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