Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table Review

body-max-it6000There are many styles and brands of inversion tables on the market, each with their drawbacks and benefits. In this article we are going to be reviewing the Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table. Before we do, we should answer some relevant questions concerning the subject of inversion therapy. What is the history of inversion therapy, and what are some of the benefits? What are some features a good inversion therapy table should have? And, how does the Body Max IT6000 stack up? Let’s take a look.

History of Inversion Therapy

Inversion tables as we now know them are a relatively new technology, but the theory of inversion therapy has been around for quite a long time. As far back as ancient Greece during the time of Hippocrates, the idea of straightening the spine and relieving pressure on the joints had been explored, and different devices were invented to attempt to put this theory into practice.

One such device was known as the Hippocratic Table, and this invention utilized ropes which were attached from limbs to winches. The winches were turned and the effect was to stretch the spine and joints. The theory was sound, but the application was suspect because it was difficult to accurately apply the proper amount of force.

The modern inversion table preserved the theory but improved upon the technique. By using the natural force of gravity to do the stretching, the force applied to the body is no more than the weight of the body, making the process much safer and effective. Another innovation was making tables that have adjustable angles of suspension, meaning that the amount of force applied is easily adjustable.


As for the potential health benefits of using inversion tables, they are numerous. The spine is a vital part of our anatomy, providing support for our backs as well as acting as a conduit for the spinal cord, which connects to a multitude of nerves throughout the body. As we go about our daily lives, the force of gravity is constantly putting stress on the spinal column, compressing the disks and putting pressure on the nerve connections.

Use of a good inversion table can help reverse this process, straightening the spine, decompressing the disks, and relieving pressure on nerve connections. This process is known to produce lasting health benefits and even to relieve certain health problems.

Gravity also puts constant stress on our joints, compressing and stressing them constantly. In addition to this pressure on our joints, gravity is also applying a counterforce to much of our flow of blood, especially to the upper extremities and the brain.

Just a few minutes a day of inversion therapy can safely stretch our joints out, providing much needed relief that will improve joint function and help to prevent joint related diseases. At the same time, the blood flow to the brain is improved, imparting a myriad of health benefits.

Features of a Good Inversion Therapy Table

A good inversion therapy table’s form should follow its function, and as such good tables should have certain core features which will ensure that it delivers the desired benefits.

To ensure the safety of the user and to provide them with adequate control, handle bars or handrails are must have components on any decent inversion therapy table. They should be easy to reach from all positions and should be sturdily constructed in order to provide maximum safety and durability.

Many users of inversion therapy tables suffer from back pain, so having a comfortable backrest is an important feature to look for.

Humans come in many different heights and weights, and to address this reality many of the higher quality inversion therapy tables are solidly constructed to provide support for a good range of different body weights, as well as providing adjustments for height.

One of the main benefits of the modern inversion table is the ability to adjust the angle of inversion to provide maximum comfort. A good table should provide a good range of angular motion, thus ensuring that the user is able to find the position that provides them with the maximum benefit.

As far as portability, a good inversion table should maintain a balance between being sturdy enough to provide a safe platform and being reasonably moveable. Most users may wish to err on the side of caution and go with a more solid design.

Since the user will be inverted much of the time while using the inversion table, it is a good idea to make sure that the ankle straps are well made and anchored, as well as providing a reasonable amount of comfort.

Aesthetics are also an important consideration when purchasing an inversion table, so choosing a model which is available in a variety of colors and is damage resistant is desirable.

A good inversion table will come with a frame and parts warranty in the event of any defects.


How Does the Body Max IT6000 Stack Up?

Objectively speaking, the Body Max IT6000 is a very affordable inversion therapy table that nevertheless includes many of the essential options any decent inversion table should have.

  • It has an adjustment system that handles heights of between 4’8 and 6’3, and has a weight rating of up to 250 pounds, making it reasonably inclusive.
  • It provides sturdy ankle adjustments that are spring loaded and come with pull pins, making them fairly easy to manipulate.
  • It has unique U shaped hand grips which provide good support and leverage, as well as a safety strap that allows the user to easily manipulate inversion angles, and features a decent range of possible inversion angles.
  • It comes with a 1 year frame and 90 day parts warranty if used normally.

Many users have reported it to be a little on the heavy side, which can be an issue with portability, but this also seems to have given many users confidence in its durability and safety. It is reported to be easily put together, although some have reported the tools that ship with the unit to be a little inadequate.

A small number of users who weighed close to the 250 pound limit reported slight discomfort from the ankle straps, but most said that any such discomfort was fleeting.

Apart from those minor cons, a large majority of users reported that the IT6000 provided immediate and dramatic improvements to their health across a wide range of health problems. Since this is the main purpose of the inversion table, it must be said that it successfully delivers the desired value to the customer.

On, this inversion table is typically priced just above $100, including free shipping. With the features listed above, and the generally favorable reviews, we feel that this table is a solid recommendation.

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