Back Pain Exercises and Inversion Therapy – A Good Combo?


If you live with back pain, you know how difficult it can be to find back pain exercises that work for you. Since every injury and cause of pain is different from person to person, what works for one person may not be right for another. It may take a trial and error approach to finding the best exercises for managing and relieving your back pain, but there are a few exercises that a large majority of back pain sufferers find beneficial and they might be a good place for you to start.

As with any exercise routine, be sure you talk with your health care professional before beginning and get the all clear to start with back pain exercises. Be patient with yourself and your back and work to your level of comfort. Do not push yourself to the point of more pain or injury, stay consistent with the routines you enjoy and gain an upper hand on back pain through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. When you are ready to try exercise as a pain management technique, here are a few options that have been beneficial to millions of back pain sufferers and may work for you, too.


For many people living with back pain, yoga is an effective form of therapy. Allowing the body to move slowly and incorporating stretching, lengthening and toning movements, yoga can provide a gentle, effective form of all natural pain relief.

Many yoga centers around the country even offer specific yoga for back pain classes. Look into your community center classes, gym classes and yoga school schedules to see if a class for back pain fits your schedule. There are also yoga for back pain DVDs you can buy or rent if classes are unavailable or hard to fit into your schedule.


The Pilates approach to fitness involves strengthening your abdominal muscles. Using resistance bands and body weight, Pilates allows a full range of controlled, fluid motion that elongates and lengthens the muscles. To perform Pilates exercises, the abdominal must be continually engaged resulting in a stronger, more stable core.

Exercise experts and pain management experts agree that strong abdominal muscles support the back muscles and reduce pain and stress to the back. Pilates can help you get the stronger abs you need to reduce your back pain while it will also help you achieve a long, lean, toned physique.

tai-chi-back-exerciseTai Chi

Tai chi classes are a great way to relieve stress, improve your balance and range of motion and is a great choice for people new to working out or with other physical limitations.

Slow, graceful fluid and noncompetitive, Tai Chi may be a good way for you to ease into working out and get pain relief at the same time.

Inversion Therapy as a Compliment to Exercise for Back Pain Management

Often, back pain is a result from compression and misalignment. All of the previously described back pain exercises can help alleviate that pain and with an inversion therapy table, you can get even more relief.

An inversion therapy table allows your spinal column to decompress and realign itself naturally with help from gravity. Simply strap in your heels and allow yourself to tip back and enjoy the stretching and elongating of inversion therapy. Inversion therapy following a yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi workout may help you get rid of your back pain once and for all and without any potentially addictive pain medications or other unwanted side effects.

Talk about your back pain and exercises to treat it with your doctor or physical therapist and see if your pain can be managed through exercise. Living with back pain does not have to mean an inactive life, in fact exercise may help reduce your pain and help you reclaim your life.

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